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Convergence of Market Trading, Process Control and Internet Technologies
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Direct access to wholesale trading offers market transparency for both trading/control opportunities and risk management.
Market Transparency

As Icetec optimizes the economic performance of their applications, it becomes apparent that retail suppliers and power marketers do not add to the value of the Icetec model.  The lack of transparency in power markets is one of the inefficiencies of these types of contracts.  The inability to effectively transact short and long term trading strategies that fully leverage the client physical assets is another drawback.

For these reasons, Icetec sought to gain access to wholesale trading.  To this end Icetec has been successful in establishing a direct wholesale supply relationship with DTE Energy Trading.

Relationship provides:
Transparent wholesale energy supply
Client is treated as a trading partner
Allows for numerous short term market strategies
Allows for real time VIX control model

The client realizes both the control and the wholesale trading benefits.  As part of Icetec’s partnership with DTE Energy Trading, Icetec also has access to the longer term market predictive system developed by DTE. With this arrangement Icetec can provide cumulative benefits of real time, short term and long term strategies.  

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